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#5 アレックス・マーフィー選手 新規入団会見実施のご報告


アレックス・マーフィー選手 コメント

"I am glad to be back to Japan. Last year I played for the Fukushima Firebonds and was able to have wonderful experience in Japan. As I was thinking that I wanted to play in Japan again, I got an offer from the team. I wanted to challenge B1 from B2 and challenge big things with the Levanga Hokkaido, so I have decided to play for team.

I am glad to play in B.LEAGUE again and excited to be a part of the wonderful team.

My strengths are a mobility and an ability to run strong in both offense and defense that I want to show. My understanding of strategies is also one of my strengths.
I will always think more about the team than my stats, and I will pursue what I can do to help the team win and want to contribute to the team.
I will push forward for team’s wins with my teammates this year."



"I clearly have thoughts that I want to help the team win, but my role will change, depending on situations, so I do not have any goal of my stats such as how many points I score or how many rebounds I get."


"On off days that there is a limited number of during a season, I stay away from basketball and try to be relaxed. I have a nationality of Finland so like saunas. I already went to one in Sapporo and want to find my favorite one."


レバンガ北海道 ゼネラルマネージャー 清永貴彦 コメント




"Alex Murphy was born and raised in the US, and he has two nationalities with the US and Finland, so he also plays for Finland to represent the country. He came to Japan last year and played for the Fukushima Firebonds.

His style is to run and move well. We expect that his aggressive actions in defense and ability to run well in drives and transitions will play huge roles in both defense and offense.

Since he played in Japan last year, we believe that he has gotten used to Japanese basketball. He has already started to join his new team, Hokkaido, for practice and have communications with teammates, coaching staff, and team staff. We expect that he will show his abilities as a part of the team."